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March 2017 Condo Association News


Happy March!  In like a lion, out like a lamb is what they say for the weather.  The March 2017 Condo Association News was similar, with some very interesting articles earlier in the month.  The hottest news item of the month is related to legislation in Miami-Dade that is aimed to crack down on the notorious issues Florida has in their Condo Associations.  Up north, Boston tries a Condo with no...

How to Run an Effective and Fair Condo Association Election


Election time in Condo Associations might be a big deal – or a big snooze.  Regardless, you want to make sure that you are organizing things well.  You want to ensure that there is interest, engagement, competition, and most importantly, fairness.  This guide will help ensure you run an effective and fair Condo Association election. Develop a Schedule Your Bylaws will typically indicate...

How to Improve Condo Association Culture for the Better


  Most people in a HOA or a Condo Association – if they are not indifferent – want to have a better Association.  The internet is full of helpful articles and blogs that will help educate you on how to change your Condo and HOA.  But there is an unfortunate challenge that faces every homeowner.  Education is just one step of the process.  If you want to improve Condo Association...

Sharing Condo Association Work on a Board


A Condo Association is a volunteer organization.  You know what you’re getting into and how a Condo Board works.  Unfortunately, you’ve got different types of Board members who work at different paces.  Some are the super type-A’s who work endlessly.  Some freeload.  Others get frustrated that some freeload and become disengaged.  The old saying goes: “Many hands make light work.”  The key is you...

Ensuring You Don’t Over Plan Condo Association Major Projects


Planning for a major project in a Condo Association is a big deal.  You have to bid out projects, work with vendors, educate Owners, and execute.  You want the project to go as smoothly as possible, of course.  And an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  However, there is such a thing as going too far when you are preparing.  If you spend hours and hours trying to plan every possible...

Master Association Overview


Master Associations are yet another of the often unheard of bureaucracies in the world of HOAs.  A Master Association is an “uber HOA” that sits on top of other HOAs and Condo Associations.  They are created for various reasons – political, geographical, aesthetic, and sometimes for no understandable reason at all.  It often seems they exist solely to remind Condo Associations what...

Learning to Be a Condo Association Board Leader


You know what you’re getting into and you’ve learned how your Board does its work.  You’ve probably been frustrated with some things, and wondered why they aren’t better, or why things aren’t done the right way.  You have grown, grasshopper.  Now it’s time for you to take the next step in your Association: It’s time for you to be a Condo Association Board leader. Focus on Small Wins A big mistake...

Five Common Emails from Condo Owners


A big part of leading a Condo Association is communicating with Owners.  Unfortunately, as many veterans know, most interactions are not Owners telling you how awesome you are and what a great job you’re doing.  Typically their engagement with the Board will be based around two things – Owners wanting something, or Owners providing feedback on current policies.  Here are some typical types...

Fostering Condo Association Professionalism


Condos are often accused – rightfully – of being cesspools of petty politics, micro tyrants, and generally miserable people.  While much of these accusations may be misguided and ungrounded, on the other hand, there is a substantial part of Condo life that unfortunately falls into this category.  A good part of this misery comes from apathy – where all the parties have frankly...

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