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February 2017 Condo Association News


We are still early in 2017, but the Condo world is off to a racing start.  This month had a number of interesting articles for every Condo and HOA geek to enjoy.  The dramatic Millennium Tower of San Francisco returns (it’s still tilting), the Michigan Condo blog drops serious wisdom (as always), and a lucrative story related to Condo dissolution.  Enjoy the February 2017 Condo Association...

Condo Association Hearing Tips for Owners


The dreaded hearing.  For whatever reason – maybe legitimate, maybe not – your Board has issued a hearing with your name on it.  They want to meet with you over your behavior and they’ve got the power of the Bylaws behind them to issue a fine.  You can accept blame – or you can choose to fight them.  These Condo Association hearing tips for Owners will help you figure out how to...

Three Reasons to Buy in an Established Condo Association


When you are Condo shopping, there’s a tendency to want to see the newest and best construction.  New buildings will have the most modern building codes, may be Leeds certified and environmentally friendly, and feature dazzling amenities.  All of these are good things.  However, if you’re an informed Owner, you know that a Condo is more than just the building – it’s the Association, the...

Four Ideas for Water and Energy Savings for Condo Owners


Electricity and water conservation should be a major priority for all Condo Associations.  While things like solar panels and EV chargers are the provenance of Associations, there are many things that support water and energy savings for Condo Owners.  These include a variety of water- and energy-saving devices which can help you in the long run. *Note – this article includes links via the...

Five Tips for an Effective Annual Condo Association Meeting


Annual Condo Association meetings are one of the cornerstones of Association life.  While monthly Board meetings might draw a handful of people, you usually will see a couple dozen at the annual meetings.  Some Boards treat the annual meeting like a “check the box” activity, which is a huge mistake.  Instead, your annual Condo Association meeting is an opportunity for Owner engagement and...

How to Judge Condo Association Hearings


You’ve prepared for your hearing and held your hearing – now it’s time for you to decide the outcome.  This is the judgment and penalty phase of the hearing process.  Unlike the other phases, in this phase, you’re dealing with your fellow Board members.  Depending on your Board composition, this may make things harder or easier.  Here are the steps to effectively judge Condo Association...

Four Ideas for Condo Association Social Events


Building a sense of community in a Condo Association is always a challenge.  Fighting apathy isn’t easy, and Owners are busy with “real lives.”  Nonetheless, having a strong community is always a priority.  A good way to try to build your sense of community is to hold events to bring like-minded Owners together.  Not every event works for every community.  Your job is to assess the types of...

Green Technology and Conserving Water in a Condo Association


Electricity is usually one of the biggest expenses in a Condo Association, but not too far behind it is water.  Some Condo Associations have individually metered units, but others do not.  Irregardless of that disposition, conserving water in a Condo Association is the right thing to do, both environmentally and financially.  Today’s article focuses on actions a Condo that does not sub-meter...

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