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December 2016 Condo Association News


2016 may be coming to an end, but relevant news for Condo Associations hasn’t stopped.  December has been just as interesting as the rest of the year, with the short term rental battle continuing, and some interesting legislature in New Jersey around community associations.   Here is the December 2016 Condo Association News for your enjoyment. Airbnb Backs Off Fight With Governments, Offers...

Best of Better Condo Life 2016


This has been a great year for Better Condo Life, and I couldn’t be more proud of the awesome readership I’ve built up. Over the past year, there’s been over a hundred posts on how to lead, govern, Own, and buy in a Condo Association.  Among that century of wisdom, five posts resonated particularly strongly. Without further ado, here is the Best of Better Condo Life 2016. Four Signs of a Bad...

Second Half 2016 Condo Association Horror Stories


2016 is coming to an end.  There’s been all sorts of interesting news over the second half – both in the “real world” as well as the Condo world.  As with the first half stories, there was plenty of horror to go around.  Let’s recap the second half 2016 Condo Association horror stories so we can learn from other Associations’ mistakes and look out for your own. Solvent Owners Covering...

Condo Association Repair Project Questions to Consider


Major projects within a Condo Association are a part of life.  Over time, things break down and need to be rehabilitated and repaired.  If you have strong reserves and don’t need a special assessment, the projects are somewhat straightforward.  However, depending on the project, you’re going to have impacts to your Owners.  Before starting any major project, here are Condo Association repair...

How to Handle Condo Association Rules Being Ignored


A common question Owners ask is what to do if a Condo Association rule is being ignored and going unenforced.  Understandably, this can cause significant consternation among Owners.  Rules are meant to be followed, and if an Association isn’t following its own rules, then what?  The answer, as with most things, is that “it’s complicated.”  This article is focused on rules...

Three Great Reasons to Join a Condo Association Board


Making the decision to join a Condo Association Board is a big step.  You’ll be responsible for the governance and management of a community – possibly one with hundreds or thousands of people living in it.  The job will be intense.  Before you make this big leap, you need to ask yourself: Do I want to join a Condo Association Board for the right reasons?  What are the great reasons to join...

How to Act Effectively as a New Condo Association Board Member


Learning to be an effective new Condo Board member is a process.  While you may come in with the greatest of expectations and designs, reality is messy and different.  Before anything else, you first need to “learn to learn” – one of the hardest steps.  Now that you’ve got things under control, you’re ready to get work done and make your community better.  Then the question...

Four Signs of a Bad Condo Association


One of the focuses of Better Condo Life is exactly what the name says – living a better Condo life.  This site believes in giving you the tools to succeed and flourish in community Associations of all types.  While it is important to keep a positive attitude, the reality is that there are bad Condo Associations out there, and bad Boards.  An informed Owner needs to be able to read the signs...

Fighting Apathy: Manage a Condo Association Like You Live There


There is a tremendous amount of pressure put upon Condo Association Management.  Being the focal point for the homes of hundreds – maybe even thousands – of people is no small task.  They are in the middle of dealing with everything – construction, maintenance, disasters, grumpy Owners, mean Boards – you name it.  Most Management is able to ensure a positive and healthy...

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