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October 2016 Condo Association News Roundup


October brings a number of interesting articles.  First, we have a big throwdown between New York State and Airbnb related to short term rentals.  On the opposite side of the spectrum, Arizona signed a law that encourage Airbnb use.  There’s also a depressing but important article on what happens when Condo Associations do not handle late fees and delinquency.  Here is the October 2016 Condo...

Condo Association Rules Enforcement


Condo Association rules are always a thorny issue.  On the one hand, people want to live without feeling like they have to walk on eggshells.  On the other, there are often enough jerks out there who do obnoxious things that compel Boards to create rules to stop boorish behavior.  A great example is pet rules.  Most pet owners are fantastic people who clean up after their pets.  There inevitably...

Condo Association Budget Tips for Owners


Condo Association budget season is in full swing.  Condo Association Boards and Management are busy developing their budgets for the new year.  Ideally they are eliminating waste, identifying high-value projects, and putting enough into reserves.  While Boards are hard at work, this is also a great time for involved Owners to review their Association’s budget when it is distributed during the...

How to Effectively Represent Condo Association Owners as a Board Member


Condo Association Board members are elected to represent Condo Association Owners and to carry out their fiduciary duty with regards to the Condo Association.  That’s the job.  There are many other challenges that go with it, but those are the two major duties.  In all of the horror stories you read about when Boards break bad, the Board – or at least, a majority of the Board – has...

Finding your Specialty on a Condo Association Board


Once you join a Condo Association Board, you’ll have your hands full with a variety of different tasks and activities.  Preserving the big three – finances, safety, and transparency – is the job of all Board members.  The challenges of day-to-day governing are also a core part of how you will spend your time.  But beyond that, you likely joined a Board to make a difference in your...

Fighting Apathy: New Members on Condo Association Boards


The goal of every Association is to provide a safe, secure, and financially solvent community for its Owners.  The vast majority of Associations succeed in this endeavor.  This makes it all the more disappointing when Boards break bad and you end up with horror stories in the news.  There are many drivers of what makes Boards break bad, and today we’ll touch on one of the greatest remedies: new...

Four Tips for Condo Association Budgets


Fall is typically the time for developing Condo Association budgets.  This is because most Condo Associations run on a calendar year fiscal cycle and most Bylaws require a 30-day Owner comment period.  Budgeting is an extremely personal exercise – every community is different, with different amenities, costs, and tolerance for Condo fees.  Nonetheless, there are several tips that are...

Five Personalities at Condo Association Meetings


Monthly Condo Association meetings are critical for the operations and maintenance of an Association.  This is where the vast majority of real work gets done.  Involved Owners show up to see the sausage made, or at least read the minutes.  From a Board’s perspective, you’re typically thrilled to see ANYONE show up.  Nothing is more disheartening than a monthly meeting with no attendees.  When...

The Five Types of Community Associations


Community Associations – such as Homeowners Associations, Condo Associations, and the like, come in a variety of different flavors.  Although they tend to be similar in many ways – most notably that they have substantial control over homes within their jurisdiction and they are able to collect dues – they can also differ substantially.  In some cases, a single property might be...

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