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July 2016 Condo Association News Roundup


The July 2016 Condo Association news brings good tidings for Associations, positive real estate industry news, and some questions about marijuana and Associations in Colorado. U.S. Senate Sends FHA Condominium Approval Legislation to the President Dawn Bauman, Community Associations Institute, July 18, 2016 Continued great news for this piece of legislation, which I covered in February.  This...

Condo Association Special Assessment Guide for Owners


Continuing the Special Assessment series, today is the Condo Association Special Assessment Guide for Owners.  You’ve just been handed the news that you’re either obligated to pay a big check or there will be vote to hand over a big check.  Your first instinct is most likely going to be to fight and resist.  In some circumstances, you’re justified in fighting and resisting.  But in most cases...

Dealing with Pokemon Go in a Condo Association


By now, you’ve probably heard of Pokemon Go, a mobile game developed by a company called Niantic that is taking the world by storm.  Maligned and praised, the game sends people out into the world hunting for Pokemon, which they can capture on their phone.  The net result is a flock of people wandering around landmarks around the world, immersed in their phones.  On the positive side, people are...

First Half 2016 Condo Association Horror Stories


Over the past six months, there have been several major Condo Association news stories of note.  These First Half 2016 Condo Association Horror Stories offer tales of caution for Owners, Board members, and Management alike.  Today we’ll be recapping some of these stories and what can be learned from them for your Association.  The bottom line in all of these stories is that by being proactive and...

How to Closeout a Condo Association Major Project


You’ve come so far on your project – you designed it, you bid it out, you informed Owners, and you executed the work.  After months – maybe years – of work and disruptions, you can finally begin to rest easy.  However, now is not the time to slack.  Completing the project is a major milestone, but there is – of course – more work to be done.  This article will cover...

The Ultimate Secret to an Effective Condo Association Board


Today I’m going to share with you the Ultimate Secret to an Effective Condo Association Board.  This secret is incredibly simple in practice, but very difficult to master and act upon.  However, if you make this your guiding tenant, you will find your Board meetings and interactions are more productive, pleasant, and effective. The Secret to Board Success The secret is very simple, but goes...

Fighting Apathy #7: The Importance of Owner Feedback in a Condo Association


When you’re an Owner in a Condo Association, sometimes it feels like you have little say in your community.  You have major surprises sprung on you – Special Assessments or Major Projects.  It often seems like these are big undertakings, things that the Board is tackling.  It may feel like your input and contributions aren’t welcome – even if your Condo Board is doing the...

How to Get Involved in a Condo Association Committee


Many Owners want to get involved in their Condo Association, but they don’t know where to start.  Condo Associations are daunting and often have an ill repute.  Condo Committees are a great way for you to start giving back to your Association without a major time commitment.  This guide will help you get involved in a Condo Association Committee by showing you how to make sure the Committee...

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