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June 2016 Condo Association News Roundup


Happy Solstice!  Hopefully your summer has been treating you well.  This month’s news includes questionable fees in Florida, a potentially major Airbnb legal ruling, and legal shenanigans related to a new condo project in Michigan.  Enjoy your June 2016 Condo Association news roundup! South Florida Condo Boards Rip Off Consumers with High Application Fees Nicholas Nehamas, Miami Herald...

How to Execute a Major Project in a Condo Association


Thus far, the focus of Managing a Major Project has been on finding the right people and building the right plan.  Preparing for the execution itself is half the battle.  But now that you’ve got all of your ducks in a row, it’s time to start things up.  Depending on the project, this may mean a minimally disruptive or an extremely disruptive experience for your Owners – and of...

Three Ways to Calm Hostile Owners in a Condo Association


As a Board in a Condo Association, there are times that you’re going to have to do some unpopular things.  You may fire a popular but ineffective staff member, issue a Special Assessment, get rid of a popular amenity, or maybe just plain screw up.  The net result is that you may find yourself facing a large group of frustrated and hostile Owners in a Condo Association.  Worse yet, they...

Effective policies for Managing Emergency Situations in a Condo Association


I recently wrote about how important it is to protect the powers of the Condo Board.  To ensure you run a transparent and open Condo Association, you must protect your Board powers.  But the reality is that life is messy.  Sometimes crazy stuff happens and you don’t have the luxury of the usual slow pace of a Condo Board.  How can you ensure transparency in a Condo Association in these...

How to Conduct a Condo Association Special Assessment Vote


For many Special Assessments, you need your Owners to vote with a two thirds majority in order to raise the funds you need to repair your decaying infrastructure.  Now that you’ve got your plan and your communications strategy, you now need to develop your “ground game” for your Condo Association Special Assessment vote.  You can find a great outline of activities for communicating...

How to Communicate a Condo Association Special Assessment


Now that you’ve figured out your plan for your Special Assessment, you need to communicate it to your Owners, and in some cases, you may also need to hold a Condo Association Special Assessment vote.  This guide is focused on how you communicate a Condo Association Special Assessment to your Owners.  This is one of the trickiest parts of a Special Assessment.  To effectively make your case...

Fighting Apathy #6: Protecting Board Powers in a Condo Association


One of the themes I reiterate is that being in a Condo Association is about compromise and knowing when to back down.  But I also have mentioned that there are times where you need to lay down on the tracks.   Today’s Fighting Apathy will tell you when that’s OK and the right thing to do so that you are protecting Board Powers in a Condo Association.   One of the biggest slides an...

The Three Key Relationships that Strengthen your Condo Association


There is a saying that you make your own luck.  As anyone who has help run an Association knows, you will run into a lot of challenges.  Some things – like the maintenance of major systems – are to be expected.  Other times you’ll experience wacky things you can’t imagine.  The key to navigating issues is building these three key relationships that strengthen your Condo...

The Types of Owners in a Condo Association


Just as there are different types of Board Members, there are also different types of Owners in a Condo Association.  While each category is not a perfect indicator of the types of Owners in a Condo Association, they generally will share several of the characteristics.  Learning the differences is helpful in effectively managing your Condo Association.   The Indifferent Owner An Indifferent Owner...

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