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April 2016 Condo Association News Roundup


April’s Condo Association News Roundup brings us fraud and lawsuits from the typically crazy state of Florida! Condo Owners testify about widespread defects in DR Horton Case Anne Schindler, First Coast News, April 19, 2016 There is a very large, very public construction defect case going on in Jacksonville, Florida.  The case revolves around the Heron’s Landing development in Florida...

Managing a Major Project in a Condo Association: The Design and Bid Phase


Today in the Managing a Major Project in a Condo Association series, we’ll be covering the design and bid phase.  By now you’ve hired your technical experts, and now it’s time to get down and dirty and figure out what the project will look like and bid the project out to qualified performers.   Before unleashing the technical representation on the project, you need to come together as a Board and...

Evaluating your Condo Association’s Condition before a Special Assessment


A correctly performed Condo Association Special Assessment is one that is not done in haste, but rather after thorough and exhaustive research that demonstrates a Special Assessment is the best path forward.  One of the most critical steps in this process is having a firm grasp of the condition of the major systems within your Condo Association.  For many established Associations, you already...

Handling Election Events in a Condo Association


As many of you may have noticed, it is election season, and a big one at that.  Because Condo Associations are in the thick of Owner life, that means that you’re going to be in the thick of elections whether you like it or not.  Today we’ll cover how to handle political events in a Condo Association. Many communities have private preservable areas – maybe a clubhouse, rec room, party...

Fighting Apathy #4: Leading a Condo Association Resistance Movement Part 2


Last post, we covered how to build up your nascent Condo Association Resistance Movement to help undo damage a Board has done.  Today we’ll discuss how you use the Movement to figure out what victory looks like and achieve it.   Figure Out What you Want Now that you have your team and you’re educated on the issue, it’s time to define what success is and if it’s achievable.  If a popular amenity...

Fighting Apathy #4: Leading a Condo Association Resistance Movement Part 1


Sometimes Condo Boards do dumb things.  Sometimes they make bad decisions – maybe because of ignorance, maybe because of stupidity, maybe even because of greed or corruption.  They might fire a beloved employee, take away an oft-used amenity, raise fees, or award a contract to an insider.  Maybe the Owners of the Association have been apathetic, allowing the Board to get disconnected from...

Condo Association Per-Use Fees


If there’s one thing that drives people crazy, it’s the feeling of being nickel and dimed.  And of course, if you want to get people upset, hit them with a fee in a Condo Association.  On the flip side, however, you run into the interesting question about the majority subsidizing the behavior of the minority within an Association – my “Shared Cost Delusion” phenomenon.  Condo Association...

Shared Cost Delusion in a Condo Association


One bad habit I see in Condo Associations – whether it is from Board members or Owners – is what I called the Shared Cost Delusion in a Condo Association.  This is the idea that if you shift the cost on a fee from an Owner to the Association, the cost magically goes away.  This can cause all sorts of strange behaviors which are detrimental to the interests of your Condo Association...

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